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i am so sorry

but after seeing this i kind of had to

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so, Illumi totally got his fashion sense from Hisoka, didn’t he

i mean:


and this is how he looked b4 the makeover:


im just sitting here laughing by myself im just

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This is it. This is the epitome of hunter fashion. 

This is it. This is the epitome of hunter fashion. 

Kurapika’s model face

So lets talk about Killua’s work-out outfits!

also has anyone else noticed how Killua has the most outfit changes compared to most of the characters combined?? just something to think about.

Rare evidence of the elusive pants-type Gon

Ok 1999 anime, I admit that this is actually really cute

Gon’s signature model pout

Gon’s signature model pout

And here we have exclusive footage of Hisoka before he puts on his makeup and texture surprise tattoos.

How absolutely fabulous of him not to kill me while i took these.


$ $ $ $ $ Leorio $ $ $ $ $ $

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